The Caney City Library was established in 1869 by a small group of ladies in the young community. It was housed in various places during this era.

In 1941, the Library was moved to the Washington School building. In 1969, the Southeast Kansas Library Association gave a gift of $4,000, which made it possible to move, remodel, and provide for the citizens of Caney a very fine facility located at 105 W. 4th. In 1977, a fire destroyed the Library and the books and supplies that were salvaged were moved to temporary quarters. In 1978, the library was moved to what was known as the “Wakeland Grocery” building where it is presently located.

On February 9th, 2016, the Library opened in it’s brand new building at 211 W 5th Avenue, on the site where the old City Hall used to stand before it was moved and then razed.

In 1988, a visual inventory was conducted. We had 11,928 books, 25 audio books, 125 videos and 30 periodical subscriptions.

Presently, our inventory is 14,567 books, 200 audio books, 536 DVD/VHS, 36 periodicals, and 1,124 inter-library loans.

Libraries are the heartbeat of every community.