Domestic Violence Awareness Drive

Domestic Violence Awareness Drive!!!

The Caney City Library wants to help get the word out for Domestic Violence Awareness Month. The Safehouse Crisis Center in Coffeyville, KS is a private, non-profit organization that serves Southeast Kansas. If you would like to help break the silence, we will have a box at the Library through the end of October to hold supplies needed by the Safehouse.

Items needed are:
* plastic wrap *aluminum foil *hand sanitizer

*diapers/pull ups *baby wipes *baby items

*office supplies *school supplies *cleaning supplies

*Kleenex *toilet paper *paper towels

*shampoo/soap *deoderant *feminine hygiene products

*OTC meds (children and adult) *light bulbs

*towels/washrags *trash bags *laundry/dish soap

If you buy just one extra thing when you go to the store, it will make a big difference. An extra bottle of shampoo or even a package of light bulbs would be a little thing to us, but will make a big difference to the Safehouse.

You may also leave a check made out to the Safehouse Crisis Center if you prefer. Thank you so much! ~Chris

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