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Can-Kan Meeting

The Can-Kan Dreambuilders will host their monthly meeting on Tuesday, April 17th, 2012 at 7 pm. Please plan to attend, these meetings are very important to get you voice heard in the quest for a New Caney City Library. You need not be a member to attend.

Book Fair Winners!

Thank you so much to everyone who helped to make our Scholastic Book Fair our most successful one yet! Winners of the Lincoln Elementary Book Fair Contest are:

Mr. Hughey’s 6th grade class  1st Place!     Pizza Party

Mrs. Mill’s Kindergarten class 2nd Place!   Cupcake and Juice Party

Mrs. Brigg’s 2nd grade class     3rd Place!   $50 worth of books for their            classroom!

Congratulations to all classes and thanks again!

Last day of Book Fair

Today (Monday, April 9th, 2012) is the last day of our Scholastic book fair. We are open 12-6. If you haven’t checked it out, please do! There are lots of new books and a cart of discounted books. Sales will go to help stock our children’s library with new books for summer reading. Also, classes at Lincoln Elementary are in a contest to see which will win the Pizza Party for having the most sales! Come support our library, and your kiddos!

Hunger Games at the Book Fair!

We have several copies of Hunger Game series in our book fair. Prices are:

Hunger Games     $8.99

Catching Fire          9.99

MockingJay            9.99 for Paperback or $10.00 for the Hardback

There are also three sets of “special edition” Hunger Games, which come as a boxed set with a commemerative necklace for $29.99. They are going fast, get them while they are here!

The Book Fair is here!

The Scholastic Book Fair is now at the Caney City Library! There are many new books that have not been offered thru Scholastic before, as well as a full cart of “On Sale” books, and a box of “Last Chance” books!!!

We are holding a contest between the classes at Lincoln Elementary, the class with the highest amount in sales will win a pizza/pop party. Second place will win a candy/juice party, and third place wins $50 in books for their classroom.  We will announce the winners on the 10th of April!