Board Of Trustees Members

Cheryl Fentress, President

Chelsy Kirchner, Vice-President

Karen Miller, Secretary

Laurie Myers, Treasurer

Lorraine Kelley

Make a difference in your community– join the library board!


What does a library board do?

  • Develop Public Policy Local and state laws invest public library boards with a great deal of decision-making authority. From Internet access to eBooks, from programming to collection development, we keep public interest at the forefront of policy decisions.
  • Plan for the Library’s Future There’s an expression “…if you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.” Except that we don’t subscribe to that! This library board works with the staff team, the city team, and all city residents to lead library services into the future.
  • Oversee the Library Budget This is a city library funded through city tax dollars. The library board acts as good stewards of public tax monies, working to ensure that the library is widely seen and understood to be a valuable community investment.
  • Advocate for the Library Staff and Services The board is the front-line defender of library workers and library services by supporting staff compensation, by seeking needed funding, by providing equal access to collections and technology, and by defending intellectual freedom.
  • Commit to Continuing Education Ongoing board education is an expectation. Our participation in continuing education is a needed and logical commitment. Are we lifelong learners on this library board? You bet!

Libraries are the heartbeat of every community.