Book Fair Pizza Party

During our book fair, the kids at the Lincoln Elementary school are in a contest to see which class has the most sales at the end of the week.  Whoever has the most will get a pizza party, 2nd receives a juice and candy bar, and 3rd will receive $40 of books for their classroom. 

At the halfway place:

1st place is Mrs. Anderson’s 3rd grade class

2nd place is Mrs. Garner’s 4th grade class

3rd place is Mrs. Comstock’s 2nd grade class

This can change as the week progresses, so come on in and buy some books, and be sure to let us know which teacher gets the credit!

Our sale will go thru 6pm on Monday, April 30th, 2011.

Good luck everyone!

***~Scholastic Book Fair~***

The Caney City Library is now holding their annual Scholastic Book Fair. We have a lot of new books, and a lot more selection for the Tweens/teens. Alot of Easter books, and a cart of reduced priced items! Come check us out during regular Library hours! April 13-25th!

Book Fair In April!

The Caney City Library will be hosting their annual Scholastic Book Fair from April 13-25, 2011.  We will have it during regular business hours, which are:

M, W, F  12-6

Tues        12-7

Thurs     8 am -1 pm

Sat.         8 am-2 pm

Cash, check, debit, or credit cards welcome!!!

Quote of the Week….

“To ask why we need libraries at all, when there is so much information available elsewhere, is about as sensible as asking of roadmaps are necessary now that there are so very many roads.” -Jon Bing, Professor of Information Technology, University of Oslo, Norway

Libraries are the heartbeat of every community.